The infrastructural development in Utawala has influenced a rapid growth in population within the region. Around 6 months before the development of the estate roads commenced, lots of rental houses were vacant. Property owners suffered a low return from their investments since it was hard to fill up vacant houses. This was attributed to the high supply of houses that exceeded the demand. Thanks to the developments, the tables have turned and this is no longer a problem. Property owners are now enjoying optimized incomes from their investments within this region.

Factors like accessibility, security, affordability, and proximity to major amenities have pulled Kenyans from different regions to Utawala. Residents of crowding areas like Donholm and Pipeline have opted for the new urban locality. Banks, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and investors have not been left out. Utawala houses various banks including KCB, EQUITY, FAMILY, etc

With the expansion of the eastern bypass, Utawala is projected to grow in a tremendous way. Bearing the fact that it is one of the gates to the multi-billion expressway road, many visitors will prefer the location due to its proximity to the airport and ease of mobility to other parts of the country. Driving to Utawala from any region of Nairobi Metropolis has been enhanced by such roads and slowly eradicating the usual traffic congestion, especially along Mombasa Road and the Eastern bypass.

The controlled development policy in some parts of the location has influenced the rapid growth of modern residential homes. This has led to the establishment of gated communities and hence improving security within this area.

With the kind of infrastructure that has been put in place, it will be possible to drive to the airport within 20 minutes, head to Tatu city within 20 minutes, and 30 minutes to Nairobi CBD.  The upcoming Northlands City is also near the location. Any investor staking their money within this region is definitely going for one of the best investment hubs.

The property owners around the location have done a great job coming up with modern apartments providing major amenities and utilities needed by any tenant. Competition has been stiff but they have faired well. The impact of leading property managers, Fanaka Rentals offering digital Property Management Services has helped to ensure that clients get what they need by advising the landlords on the consumer market. This has established the transition from traditional housing to modern housing plans.

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