Our Services

Our Services

Rent Collection

Getting paid on time doesn’t have to feel like an impossible mission. Our team handles rent collection for you and we disburse earnings quickly via direct deposit

Property Marketing

Every moment your home sits vacant costs you money—let our marketing experts jump into action, connecting with local renters through traditional & digital advertising methods

Tenant Screening

If you’re tired of grappling with lackluster tenants, our screening process is a dream come true. We perform thorough income, credit, and background checks on every applicant.

Property Inspections

Regular property inspections allow us to continuously monitor the health of your real estate investment. We keep tabs on your property for you and quickly resolve issues


Stuck with a bad apple causing problem after problem? A legal eviction might be your best recourse. We’ll guide you through the process & find a new tenant when it’s all done.

Legal Guidance

Have questions about tenant law, insurance coverage, or personal liability? Let our team of real estate experts provide the guidance you need to stay protected.

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A challenge of finding good tenants to the landlords has been simplified because we involve all our sourced agents and do it efficiently. 

Screening of the tenants and singing of lease agreement also at companies cost.


The company shall advertise the house(apartment) bt putting up banners or other avenues at its own cost. We shall also advise on best market rates.


Shall be done efficiently and due remitted to the principals account on 15th of every month, minus the commission agreed between us and the principal.

We shall pay all occupied rooms whether the tenants have paid or not. 

In cases where the tenants pay to the landlords account, the company will ensure all tenants have paid within the stipulated time and invoice the landlord on every 12th day of the month for the agreed commission



The agent shall give compiled report of all the repairs and maintenance issue to the principal periodically and on time.

The agent shall advise accordingly on the same to avoid costly unresolved issues so as to maintain safe and attractive property


We determine the optimum price according to the local market data on recently sold comparable and access to rental rates tools.


It’s our obligation to ensure that we take the right legal procedures in solving dispute in relation to :-

  • eviction,
  • damaged property,
  • rental scam,
  • night emergencies and
  • tribunal issues